Installing or Updating the Application for Network Licenses of SILVERRUN BPM / RDM 2.8.x or 2.9.x on a Server

1. Deinstall any potentially preexisting installation of the SILVERRUN BPM / RDM application.

2. Go to the page Download Full Versions. (Please note: Do not use the free-downloadable tryout version which cannot be activated as a full license!)

3. On the target page, go to the section 'SILVERRUN BPM'/'SILVERRUN RDM' and click the corresponding logo.

4. Authenticate yourself using the credentials provided to you by our Technical Support and download the installer.

5. On the computer dedicated to be the application server for SILVERRUN BPM / RDM, create a new shared directory for each SILVERRUN application (which has to be different from the shared directory for the License Server!)

6. Double-click on the installer and follow the instructions.

7. When the installer has finished, create a file using a text editor such as Notepad:

  • Type the whole UNC path to the shared directory on the license server including the license file name (as it appears in the field License File of the License Viewer).
  • Use the share name of the shared folder (not its physical name).
  • Save the file under the name 'ln_path' (the first character is "L" in lower case) in a work directory.
  • Make sure that your editor does not add any suffix (like '.txt') to the file name.
  • Copy / Paste the file 'ln_path' into the root directory of the BPM / RDM application.

Creating a Shortcut from a Client Workstation to the SILVERRUN BPM / RDM 2.8.x or 2.9.x Application Server

1. On each client workstation, delete any potentially preexisting shortcuts to a BPM / RDM application server.

2. On each client workstation, create a shortcut containing the path to 'bpm.exe' resp. 'rdm.exe' located on your current BPM / RDM application server.

3. Copy the files 'regdll.bat' and 'lp251.dll' from the root directory of the BPM / RDM installation to any folder of your choice on each client workstation.

4. Execute the command file 'regdll.bat' on each client workstation as an Administrator.

SILVERRUN is now ready to use!