GDPR Videos & Whitepapers

An Approach for (Small) Businesses Seeking GDPR-Compliance [Whitepaper]

Includes a checklist facilitating the documentation of data flows and data lineage, particularly the records of processing activities according to GDPR Art. 30

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Implications Are Profound and Global - It's Necessitating Data Governance and Master Data Management [Whitepaper]

Read and learn:

  • Who needs to comply (Your organization does need to - unless it is not participating in international business)
  • How the GDPR provisions impact the development of business processes and applications
  • How we can help.
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Achieving Compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation [Recorded Webinar / ca. 45 min]

How to tackle the challenges of the GDPR based on the example of an organization using an Entity Resource Planning (ERP) system such as SAP (The approach demonstrated here is also useful, if you do not employ any ERP systems.)

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